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Tittel på maleri

Introducing our amazing collection of oil pastel sketches that show the natural beauty of the female body. The artist has skillfully created a series of sketches that celebrate the unique and diverse shapes of women's bodies, capturing the raw and unfiltered essence of their beauty.

Each sketch is rendered in a realistic style, with high quality oil pastels creating a rich and vibrant texture on the paper. The use of soft, muted colors creates a sense of movement and flow, highlighting the curves and contours of the female form.

The sketches are a celebration of the beauty of the human body, embracing the natural diversity of shapes, sizes and colours. The attention to detail in each sketch, from the curves of the hips to the lines of the shoulders and breasts, creates a sense of realism and depth that draws the viewer in.

This collection is perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of the human form and seek to celebrate the natural beauty of women's bodies. The sketches are perfect for display in any living space, adding a touch of raw and unfiltered beauty to any decor.

Each sketch is a unique and powerful representation of the natural beauty of the female body, a celebration of the diversity and uniqueness of each woman. Whether displayed together or individually, these sketches are sure to make a wonderful addition to any art collection.


This work of art is sold by Antiqart AS as an intermediary in the name of the author, and is thus exempt from VAT.

Kirillova Julia | Nude

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